Booking procedure


Please send over the following information to allow us to figure out the best course of service for you.

Every clients tattoo needs are different, so we need to take the time to figure out what's right for you. 
Please be aware that waiting lists are quite long due to high demand.

Unfortunately people wishing to become clients must please be patient as there are hundreds of keen clients, only one of lou & only so many hours in a day.

If you are happy to wait please send us the following information & we will get back to you as soon as possible.

(please do not expect an immediate reply as bookings  emails are worked through when possible)


We have a very thorough booking procedure in order to prevent time wasters & to help uphold high professional standards.

Please follow the booking steps below.

* Name

* Gender

* Contact telephone number

* Age & proof of ID (a drivers licence or  passport scan will do)

* Where on your body would you like to get tattooed? (Eg: front,  lower, left leg)

* How big in centimetres would you like your tattoo?

* What style of tattoo would you like? Please note that Lou works in Traditional, Nontraditional, Japanese, dot-work & illustration. In order to hone her skills she does not work in realism, watercolour or tribal.

*Is your piece to be in Black & grey or in colour? 

* Please give a brief description of the tattoo you'd like, (don't worry, we don't need your life story, just a description of what you'd like)

* Please enclose any reference images to help us narrow down your style requests.

*Do you suffer from any skin conditions, or is there any medical information about yourself that we should be aware of?

* Is it a fresh tattoo, a cover up or a rework? If its a cover up or rework please send over clear photos of the tattoo which needs fixing (close up & distance shots so we can see all we need to & figure out IF something can be done)

* If you have a budget in mind please let us know? Please note that our minimum charge is £60. 


Tattooing prices vary slightly depending on the style, Size & duration of the tattoo, each client will be priced fairly depending on their request, some smaller pieces are quoted as "per piece" while larger ongoing work is priced by the hour.

Our minimum charge is £60. & the hourly rate is £100.



- A deposit of £100 (as standard) will be required to secure your appointment.

This is also used as a down payment which will be removed from the total end cost of your tattoo upon its completion.



Please note that this is not a direct contact for Lou, her emails are handled by a Receptionist.