Tattoo touch up policys will vary depending on your artist & the service they choose to provide.

Most of the time it is a free service provided by professionals to ensure that your tattoo is at its absolute best when finished.

So to keep things clear, heres ours:


* Touch ups are free.

This is a courtesy extended to our clients to ensure the highest quality of work.

(please note that this policy only applies to the artist responsible for making the tattoo, if you seek a touch up from an artist who did not make the original piece they have the right to either decline the work out of professional courtesy to the another artist, or the right to charge appropriatly fot the work & time it will take).  


* Touch ups can not be preformed before the tattoo is fully healed. If the skin is not properly recovered from the initial damage this will result in further unnessisary damage,  poorer healing & would be much more painful for the client. this is why we insist on a minimum healing time of 3-4 weeks between appointments &  any final touch ups.


* Touch ups should idealy be performed within a maximum of a 3 month period from when the tattoo was originaly made. this minimises the level of aging/settling between the older & newer inks in the skin & provides a better end result.  


* Touch ups are not always nessesary. The application of the tattoo is the job of the artist but the healing process is fully in the hands of the client once leaving the studio. The healing proces is half the work! Aftercare instructions are given to the client leaves before leaving the studio & support is available by email or phone thereafter.


* After care is the full responsability of the client, the tattoo is performed in accordance with the highest standards of cleanliness. Once leaving the studio the tattoo will obviously be an open wound until it has been healed by the body, this can take up to 4 weeks. During this time & fully out of the control of the artist, infection may occur as the result of lax aftercare or poor higene on the clients part. if this has happened it will badly affect the healed result of the tattoo. In these cases the Artist reserves the right to decide whether or not to charge for touch up services as corecting the damage (for which they are not responable for) will cost them personaly in time & materials. it is also quite disapointing for any artist to see their work returning ruined by a clients poor care. 


* Please note that it is not the responsibility of the artist to fix or change your tattoo for free because you later change your mind on the design, we can not be held acountable for cleint flipancy. (beleive it or not this does ocasionaly happen). It is the responsability of the client to instruct the artist fully on what they want before

 the aplication of the tattoo, & the resposability of the artist to advise the client on what will or will not work, please be aware that all good designs will be an amalgamation & compromise between the two parties.


 * In the unlikely event of a mistake it is the duty of the artist to fix it for free. There is alwasy something we can do.  Please contact the studio as soon as possible to allow us to find the best & quickest solution.


Thank you.